Davison, Frank Dalby

Davison, Frank Dalby


Born June 23, 1893, in Melbourne. Australian writer.

Davison was a worker, sailor, farmer, and journalist. His novel Forever Morning (1931) shows the heroic spirit of the everyday labor of ordinary people. World War I (1914-18) impressions are the basis of the novella The Wells of Beersheba (1933) and the collection of stories The Woman at the Mill (1940). Davison’s realistic novella Children of the Dark People (1936) is devoted to the Australian aborigines. The novella Man-Shy (1931) and the novel Dusty (1946) display his observant descriptions of animals and landscapes.


Blue Coast Caravan. Sydney, 1935.
Caribbean Interlude. Sydney, 1936.
The Road to Yesterday. Sydney, 1964.
In Russian translation:
[Novelly.] In the collection 40 avstraliiskikh novell. Moscow, 1957.
[Rasskazy.] In the collection Avstraliiskie rasskazy. Moscow, 1958.


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