Davutoglu, Ahmet

Davutoğlu, Ahmet,

1959–, Turkish politician. Before entering politics, he taught political science and international relations at Marmara Univ., Beykent Univ., and other institutions. From 2003 to 2009 he was an adviser to Prime Minister ErdoğanErdoğan, Recep Tayyip
, 1954–, Turkish politician. He was educated at Marmara Univ., where he met Necmettin Erbakan, who went on to head the Islamist Welfare party and serve (1996–7) as prime minister.
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, then served as foreign minister (2009–14). He worked to increase Turkey's influence in the Balkans and Middle East, and to secure Turkey's membership in the European Union. Davutoğlu also served (2011–18) in the Turkish parliament as a member of the Justice and Development party (AKP). When Erdoğan was elected president (2014), Davutoğlu succeeded him as head of the AKP and prime minister. Disagreements with Erdoğan over the latter's desire to establish powerful presidency and on other issues led to the prime minister's resignation in 2016. Binali Yıldırım, an Erdoğan loyalist, succeeded him as party leader and prime minister. Davutoğlu has written numerous books and articles on foreign policy, including Strategic Depth (2001).
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