Day, Dorothy

Day, Dorothy,

1897–1980, American journalist and social activist, b. New York City. After studying at the Univ. of Illinois (1914–16), where she joined the Socialist party, she returned to New York and wrote for socialist publications. In 1927 she joined the Roman Catholic Church, then wrote for the lay Catholic Commonweal and cofounded (1933) the Catholic Worker with Peter Maurin, a newspaper she edited for some 40 years. The Catholic Worker Movement, which grew out of the newspaper, supports social justice and pacifist causes based on Catholic principles, including Catholic settlement housessettlement house,
neighborhood welfare institution generally in an urban slum area, where trained workers endeavor to improve social conditions, particularly by providing community services and promoting neighborly cooperation.
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. Among Day's writings are the semiautobiographical novel The Eleventh Virgin (1924) and two autobiographical books, From Union Square to Rome (1938), about her conversion to Catholicism, and The Long Loneliness (1952), a memoir of her life and times.


See The Reckless Way of Love, a miscellany of her writings ed. by K. Kurtz (2017); biography by K. Hennessy, her granddaughter (2017);.

Day, Dorothy

(1897–1980) social activist; born in New York City. A radical activist and writer, initially Marxist, she became a Catholic in 1927. In 1933, with Peter Maurin, she founded the Catholic Worker movement, devoted to aiding the poor through "hospitality houses" and other facilities and promoting a philosophy of personal Christian social activism, as represented in the Catholic Worker newspaper. Deeply spiritual, she was widely regarded as a modern-day saint. Her writings include a 1952 autobiography, The Long Loneliness.
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The next day, Dorothy was suspended and, while her shocked colleagues looked on, she was escorted out of the store in Redcar, Cleveland.
On September 3rd, Dorothy went to the gym to exercise, but she was pre-occupied....The next day, Dorothy and Earl Mills boarded the flight for Oaxaca, Mexico.
Hector, in our hearts you stay, loved and remembered every day, Dorothy, Ronnie, Neil, Joanne and Chloe.