Day, Stockwell

Day, Stockwell,

1950–, Canadian political leader, b. Barrie, Ontario. He grew up in Montreal, attended (1970–71) the Univ. of Victoria, and held such jobs as auctioneer, deckhand, lumberjack, contractor, Christian educator, and evangelical lay pastor before entering politics. In 1986, Day was elected to the Alberta legislature, and subsequently served in several provincial offices, becoming Alberta's tax-cutting treasurer in 1997 and winning notice a proponent of a flat income tax, smaller government, and increased provincial sovereignty. In 2000 the youthful and vigorous Day defeated Preston ManningManning, Preston,
1942–, Canadian political leader. Although he is the son of Ernest C. Manning, a leader of the Social Credit party who was premier of Alberta for 25 years, Preston Manning headed a management consulting firm for many years before he entered Canadian
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 to become head of the Canadian AllianceCanadian Alliance,
former Canadian political party that had its origins in the Reform party of Canada, which was founded in 1987 in Winnipeg, Man., as a W Canada–based conservative alternative to the Progressive Conservative party.
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 and leader of the opposition; he was subsequently elected to the Canadian parliament. Day and the Alliance failed, however, to defeat the Liberals in elections called by Prime Minister Jean ChrétienChrétien, Jean
(Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien) , 1934–, Canadian politician and prime minister (1993–2003), b. Quebec. He received his legal education at Quebec's Laval Univ. and was a practicing lawyer until his 1963 election to parliament.
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 for Nov., 2000. He resigned as party leader in Dec., 2001, and was replaced by Stephen HarperHarper, Stephen,
1959–, prime minister (2006–15) of Canada. A founding member of the conservative Reform party (later the Canadian Alliance), he won a seat in the federal parliament in 1993, but broke with party leader Preston Manning four years later and left
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 the following year. Day was minister of public safety (2006–8) and of international trade (2008–10) in Harper's Conservative government. He retired from politics in 2011.