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see DyakDyak
or Dayak
, name applied to one of the groups of indigenous peoples of the island of Borneo, numbering about 2 million. The Dyaks have maintained their customs and mode of life largely uninfluenced by modern civilization.
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'Now that we have a new market for our prawns, Dayak brinjal, guava and tilapia, we must ensure we have a consistent volume.
One example is the construction of a specific Dayak identity that is utilized for political mobilization.
Known as the Ulu Menyang village of Batang Ai, the area is home to the ethnic Dayak Iban community and its members have been using the worms that are found on gaharu leaves as a traditional method of removing pests from their farms because they do not use pesticide.
Dayak onion bulbs (Eleutherine bulbosa (Mill.) Urb.) which are from Iridacea family, contain eleutherinol compounds which have been reported that it can bind to estrogen receptors in silico study (Amelia et al., 2015).
While in the first case a Dayak family engaged in a strenuous and rather forlorn dispute over land rights and compensation payments with a large coal mining company, the second case illustrates the promising attempts of a Dayak community to secure its adat rights to a forested mountain area by promoting customary Dayak culture.
But the local indigenous people of the area (particularly the Dayak Lundayeh) often rebelled against Brunei rulers.
The simplicia of dayak onions was extracted by maceration method using ethanol 96% for 24 h thrice.
In Indonesia, we have many indigenous people such as the Dayak, Baduy, Bugis and Sunda peoples.
Thus, tourists can feel more life as a Dayak tribe, mingling with the local community, and of course enjoy a typical culinary dish - such as Tabiku, savory glutinous rice cooked in a bag of kantong semar.
However, all communication was in the Ngaju Dayak language.
During the late 1850s and early 1860s when his uncle, the first rajah, was making increasingly prolonged visits to Britain and his elder brother headed the government in Kuching, Brooke with his Malay and Dayak lieutenants were the front line of enforcement against those who continued to resist the fading authority of the fragile British Raj.
Regime Change and Ethnic Politics in Indonesia: Dayak Politics of West Kalimantan