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general name for the native population of the island of Kalimantan, including a number of tribes and nationalities; they number approximately 2 million (1967, estimate). Their languages belong to the Indonesian group of the Malayan-Polynesian language family. In addition to the traditional religion (a belief in various gods and spirits), Islam is also practiced.

There are significant differences in language and culture among the Dayak tribes and nationalities, some of the larger of which are the Ngadju, Klemantan, Ot-Danom. Bahau, Iban, Kayan. Kenyah, and Murut. At one time, the Dayaks inhabited the entire island; in the 13th century Malayan immigrants began to settle the island’s coastal region and gradually moved inland. The Dayaks have preserved remnants of their tribal kinship division. Their chief pursuits are rotating hoe farming (rice), hunting, fishing, gathering, and various handicrafts.


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Sandin, Benedict 1956 The Westward Migration of the Sea Dayaks.
Witnesses said groups of Dayaks were still patrolling several areas within Kuala Kapuas in search of Madurese.
Participants in the Dayaks Co-operative Society included prominent Iban in Kuching such as Eliab Bay, his brother Henry Satab Bay, his sister Barbara Bay, Philip Jitam and his brother Robert Jitam, Charles Mason and others.
I believe a good book, even a novel, and a profuse perspiration, are indispensables in that country for health and happiness," was one such jotting, and he meant Sarawak, whose hills and wilds and above all whose mercurial Dayaks were his obsession.
For instance, the Soeharto government's development programmes had adverse consequences for the indigenous Dayaks of the province, as those programmes encouraged migrants to move to the province during the resource boom of the 1970s.
Regime Change and Ethnic Politics in Indonesia: Dayak Politics of West Kalimantan
However, in Borneo the hilir-hulu distinction correlates only very loosely with the Malay-Dayak one: while there is a tendency for Malays to be found in lowland, coastal areas, and Dayaks in upland ones, in some parts of the island Malays are found far inland (see, for example, King 1979:28-29).
To deprive these communist guerrillas of support among Chinese communities in the interior of the province, the military instigated Dayaks to evict these Chinese communities, leading to the dislocation of around 60,000 Chinese in 1967-68.
This aside, his book is as much a study of the colonial service as of the Iban Dayaks themselves, as witnessed by some brilliantly Maugham-ish dialogue: 'Nothing works here except to imagine that you're somewhere else, and that doesn't work either,' notes a jaded district officer, while the wives of local administrators turn to the bottle and dream of the next P&O home.
The majority of Sanggau's population is comprised of Christian Dayaks, and includes Catholics and Protestants.
Within days, isolated killings perpetrated by both sides had developed into a one-sided massacre of more than 500 Madurese by Dayaks.
The Dayaks, native of Borneo lands, are ancient tribes whose lives have always been deeply rooted to the land.