D-sub connectors

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D-sub connectors

(D-SUBminiature connectors) A family of plugs and sockets widely used in communications and on earlier PCs. For example, the analog VGA monitor interface uses a D-sub 15-pin plug and socket. Also called "DB connectors" and "D-subs," they come in 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 pin varieties. The D-sub designation defines the physical structure of the connector, not the purpose of each line.

Technically Not Always DB
In the international DIN 41625 standard, the letters A through E define the number of pins and follow the D. Although called "DB connectors," the only true DB is the DB-25, because B means 25 pins (see illustration below).

The female DB-25 was widely used in the past for the printer port on a PC (see printer cable). The male DB-25 was also the second serial port (COM2) on the PC when serial ports were popular. It is still widely used for RS-232 communications devices.

DB-9 (DE-9)
The male DB-9 connector (officially DE-9) was typically used for the first serial port on earlier PCs (COM1) as well as other communications devices. See serial port.

DB-15 (DA-15 and DE-15)
Two DB-15 connectors are widely used. The larger, two-row female DA-15 is the game port on a PC, and the smaller, three-row, female high-density DE-15 is the VGA port. See VGA and plugs and sockets.

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Saravanan and Ramachandran [5] further extended this approach to use the Daubechies wavelet from level db1 to db15 and the wavelet having highest potential was selected.
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Other I/O features include a VGA DB15 output, two USB2.0 ports, two RS-232 serial ports on DB9 connectors, audio (in, out and mic.), PS/2 keyboard and mouse (shared) and up to two Ethernet interfaces.
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These are also referred to as DB25, DB15, or DB9 connector ports There is no electrical contact made to the interface port of its pins.
Model 4293 Fiber Switch may be controlled manually with five front panel pushbuttons or remotely via the DB15 Remote port located on the rear of the unit.