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De Witt,

uninc. town (1990 pop. 8,244), Onondaga co., central N.Y., a residential suburb of Syracuse.
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Thus, then, on the 20th of August, 1672, as we have already stated in the beginning of this chapter, the whole town was crowding towards the Buytenhof, to witness the departure of Cornelius de Witt from prison, as he was going to exile; and to see what traces the torture of the rack had left on the noble frame of the man who knew his Horace so well.
"Has not," they would say, "this Cornelius de Witt been locked up and broken by the rack?
"Moreover," hinted the Orange agitators interspersed through the crowd, whom they hoped to manage like a sharp-edged and at the same time crushing instrument, -- "moreover, will there not, from the Buytenhof to the gate of the town, a nice little opportunity present itself to throw some handfuls of dirt, or a few stones, at this Cornelius de Witt, who not only conferred the dignity of Stadtholder on the Prince of Orange merely vi coactus, but who also intended to have him assassinated?"
This daring miscreant detailed, with all the embellishments and flourishes suggested by his base mind and his ruffianly imagination, the attempts which he pretended Cornelius de Witt had made to corrupt him; the sums of money which were promised, and all the diabolical stratagems planned beforehand to smooth for him, Tyckelaer, all the difficulties in the path of murder.
And every phase of his speech, eagerly listened to by the populace, called forth enthusiastic cheers for the Prince of Orange, and groans and imprecations of blind fury against the brothers De Witt.
John de Witt, indeed, had alighted from his coach with his servant, and quietly walked across the courtyard of the prison.
Ten yards farther on, John de Witt met a lovely young girl, of about seventeen or eighteen, dressed in the national costume of the Frisian women, who, with pretty demureness, dropped a curtesy to him.
"Oh, yes," said De Witt, "you mean to speak of the people down below, don't you?"
El libro de Witt es producto de una intensa y minuciosa investigacion que se concentra en un lapso de tiempo que va entre 1992 y 2007, es decir, de algo que co- menzo a acontecer hace veinticinco anos y que hoy nos parece algo muy, muy lejano, pero que, por la distancia de tiempo, no necesariamente puede ser considerado como algo historico porque igualmente tiene algo que es muy cercano en los tiempos recientes, pero que todavia esta en definicion.
One of the orangutans was the star of a a charity fundraiser in London, organised by Dutch model, Mila de Witt. "Those at the event, which raised money to save the orangutans of Sumatra loved the sculpture," Alfie said.
Sculptor Alfie Bradley and Mila de Witt with the Jungle Ain't Massive orangutan at a charity funraiser
There was Dallan Goodman, Fredrick Frog Bergren and Nick De Witt on FMX bikes.