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wire service:

see news agencynews agency,
local, national, international, or technical organization that gathers and distributes news, usually for newspapers, periodicals, and broadcasters. Evolution of News Agencies
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While the Zheleva saga was unfolding, senior Government figures were discussing steps against organised crime, and have set themselves a deadline for action by the end of this year.
But there is a rapidly nearing deadline for action - protective claims have to be with HM Revenue & Customs by March 31 or the opportunity is lost.
A member of the Capital Improvement Planning Committee responded that given the deadline for action, the request did not fall within the scope of the committee.
They cannot pursue equal pay claims at employment tribunals because they have missed the legal deadline for action.
Levine legislative aide Zak Meyer-Krings said problems will be worked out within two weeks, in time for the next committee hearing April 24 -- the last meeting before an April 27 deadline for action.
A deadline for action by the EU was set for 3 April 2006, which was just met by the adoption of Regulation 510/2006/EC by the Farm Council on 20 March setting up the new system, which came into force last Friday.
The group have set a three-month deadline for action, before they embark on ``the largest petition this country has ever seen''.
Deadline for action is 2004, when the world governing body plans to mark its centenary by rewriting its own rule book.
Yet, unless the deadline for action is extended, disclosure would be more feasible than some of the more complicated solutions that have been suggested, which would take far more time to develop.
With the protesters' 60-day deadline for action on fuel prices drawing near, defence chiefs are preparing for the worst and secretly taking deliveries at bases across the country.
However, the real news was made by the minister of foreign affairs, Lloyd Axworthy, who, in his dramatic final speech to the conference, established a deadline for action on a ban.
Julius Emspak, one of the officers of the UE, rejected Carl's initial, somewhat naive effort, but together they sketched the outlines of Deadline for Action, which turned out to be exactly what the union wanted.