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city (1990 pop. 1,830), seat of Lawrence co., W S.Dak.; settled 1876 after discovery of gold. A Black Hills tourist center, it is also a trade hub for a lumbering, stock-raising, and mining region. Built in a narrow canyon, with houses climbing the steep sides, Deadwood Gulch (so called because its trees had been killed by fire) boomed and waned with the discovery and abandonment of nearby gold and silver mines. Its history is commemorated in the Adams Memorial Museum and an annual "Days of '76" celebration. The graves of Wild Bill HickokHickok, Wild Bill,
1837–76, American frontier marshal, b. Troy Grove, near Ottawa, Ill. His real name was James Butler Hickok. He took part in the Kansas struggle preceeding the Civil War, was a driver of the Butterfield stage line, and gained fame as a gunfighter.
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 (shot in a saloon here during a card game) and Calamity JaneCalamity Jane
, c.1852–1903, American frontier character, b. Princeton, Mo. Her real name was Martha Jane Canary, and the origin of her nickname is obscure. Little is known of her early life beyond the fact that she moved with her parents to Virginia City, Mont.
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 are in Deadwood's "Boot Hill." Gambling casinos, legalized in 1989, now dominate Deadwood's economy.



the underwater part of a vessel’s tapered bow and stern sections at the places where the keel and the stem and the sternpost join. In the stern deadwood of vessels with one propeller a waterproof metal tube is constructed (deadwood tube) through which the shaft of the propeller is brought outside. The area of the side projection and form of deadwood, especially of stern deadwood, have an influence on the controllability of the vessel.


1. Dead tree limbs or branches.
2. Wood from dead trees.
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From its inception Deadwood was the business center for the Black Hills mining region, and for generations it was the legal, mercantile, entertainment, railroad, and financial center of an immense area of the West.
99 per episode, while The Sopranos, Rome and Deadwood are priced at USD2.
The Sopranos and Deadwood are hardly War and Peace, but the sudden popularity of these shows (and the Harry Potter tales) proves we still have a taste for tales that are more than snacks.
Hang around Deadwood and you're bound to run into other well-known figures of the era, including Wild Bill Hickok (played with aplomb by Keith Carradine) and Calamity Jane (enlivened with unrestrained crudeness by Robin Weigert).
It's the television Deadwood that is breathing new life into the real town--proving that in 2006, some juicy Western history can be as valuable as gold.
Officials in the historic Old West US town of Deadwood have turned down a proposal to hold a festival modelled on the running of the bulls in Pamplona - but with bison chasing people down Main Street.
Last, but by no means least, the first volume of Wild West introduces us to a century-old dime novel and Edward Wheeler's Deadwood Dick, while John Jakes contributes a classic gunfight and Dorothy M.
Deadwood has since become famous for being Wild Bill's final resting-place, and where Calamity Jane (Weigert) finally got her way with him--they now lay together in the shadow of death.
The supply could expand with enhanced collection of urban tree trimmings and construction waste, and greater efforts to prevent forest fires by clearing deadwood from forests.
Brian, 59, will appear as a tough theatre boss in the controversial series Deadwood, which stars Ian McShane.