Death Anniversary of the Holy Prophet and the Martyrdom of Imam Hasan

Holy Prophet and the Martyrdom of Imam Hasan, Death Anniversary of the

28th day of the Islamic month of Safar
On the Islamic calendar, the anniversaries of the deaths of the prophet Muhammad and his grandson, Hasan, are held on the same date. As a successor of the first imam, Ali, Hasan is an important figure among Shi'ite Muslims, particularly the sect known as the Twelvers. His death by poisoning is an especially mournful chapter in Islamic history. This holiday is observed in Shi'ite communities of the Middle East and is an official holiday in Iran, a country with a large Shi'ite majority.
Many followers convene special meetings in houses or mosques called rawda-khanis to mourn for these two figures. The ceremony is led by a rawda-khan, a person skilled at reciting the narratives of Islam.
Major ceremonies are also take place in Mashhad, a holy city in Iran. Caravans of mourners known as azadars arrive from across Iran and from different countries to pay their respects to the Prophet and Hasan.
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