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see Ten CommandmentsTen Commandments
or Decalogue
[Gr.,=ten words], in the Bible, the summary of divine law given by God to Moses on Mt. Sinai. They have a paramount place in the ethical systems of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
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The Decalog is not of Moses, nor did God give it to him first.
The Decalog is one of the most, if not the most, censored documents in America today.
They are basic principles of Western law: The Decalog provided the foundation upon which American laws were built.
The commandments are often quoted and cited by American courts: A Lexis computer search by this writer in March 2002 revealed at least 1,100 cases on record in which the terms "Ten Commandments," or "Decalog," or individual commandments by number were cited by American courts of record, that is, by federal courts or state supreme or appellate courts.
Strickling (1899), the West Virginia Supreme Court concluded that his offense did indeed constitute moral turpitude, citing the Decalog's prohibition of adultery:
The Decalog stands at the very heart of Western civilization.