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decal, decalcomania

Colored designs on special paper for transfer to unglazed or glazed ceramic ware or glass.
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The new paint job on 40 planes is said to be one of the largest decal projects ever undertaken at the Emirates Aircraft Appearance Centre.
The source of inspiration for the Expo 2020 Dubai decals was the event's logo, based on a 4,000 year old ring excavated at an archaeological site in Dubai.
In fact, they prefer decals instead of metal plates - either decal or RFID, which is even better, so we go hi-tech.)
52) Likewise, while both citizens and expatriates may decorate their cars for National Day, Koch (2019) argues that large-scale decals are "understood to be the realm of citizen-nationals only" (p.
Karachi / Dubai -- Emirates, the world's largest international airline and a main sponsor of Spanish football club, Real Madrid, today unveiled a new decal featuring action images of some of the club's top players on one of its A380 aircraft.
Sales of parking decals, tags and permits to students, faculty, staff and visitors make up 35% of the total system operating revenues and is the primary pledged revenue source for the series 2018A bonds.
The tyre decals feature custom brand colours and align precisely with raised sidewall lettering on select BFGoodrich products.
Whether it's the name and logo of your rod's target species, the flag of your home state, or even your favorite college team, there are plenty of decal options to customize your build.
Crespo's House Bill 733 prohibits vehicle dealerships from allowing drivers to leave the premises in a car with signs, decals or paperwork still on the front windshield or windows.
One of the things that I recommend highly, to tackle both problems especially for younger players is decals.