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Serbian monastery in the autonomous region of Kosovo, on the Bistrica River.

Dečani was founded in the first third of the 14th century. The Church of the Pantocrator (1327-35; architect, Vit of Kotor; five aisles, with three apses and a three-aisled western narthex) combines features of the Roman basilica and the Byzantine cross-domed church with cupolas. Built of rows of polished marble of two colors with decorative carving (around the windows, portals, and capitals), the church is distinguished by its graceful symmetry and its festive appearance. In the interior, it is decorated with frescoes (1335-50), including portraits of the kings of the Nemanja family; there is a decorated wooden sarcophagus containing the remains of the founder of the monastery, King Stefan III. In the vestry are Serbian jewelry masterpieces and illuminated manuscripts of the 14th to 17th century.


Mijović, P. Dečani. Belgrade, 1963.
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Ministri Christi sunt, et serviunt Antichristo [...] Pro hujusmodi volunt esse et sunt eclesiarum praepositi, decani, archidiaconi, episcopi, archiepiscopi [...] Amara prius in nece martyrum, amarior post in conflictu haereticorum, amarissima nunc in moribus domesticorum.
(25) Interview with various Italian soldiers and commanders, Decani Monastery, Italy (Mar.
This incident came while Serbian President Boris Tadic was in Kosovo to celebrate Orthodox Easter at the Serbian monastery Visoki Decani. A UN special investigation team also arrived in Pristina on 26 April to investigate the violence in the north of Kosovo, on 17 March, which resulted in one death (a Ukrainian policeman) and more than 150 injured (police officers and international military, Serbian civilians).
Protestants also reported that Decani Municipality denied them permission to build a church facility on privately owned land they had purchased, citing negative reaction from local citizens, and that the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning upheld the decision.
Later Tuesday afternoon Ahtisaari is to meet high priests of the Serb Orthodox church in the medieval Decani monastery on Kosovo and Kosovo Serbian leaders on Wednesday.
The dominance index is perhaps the most widely used index for seriation of asymmetric matrices (Hubert, Arabie, & Meulman, 2001), with a rich history in the biometric and psychometric literature (Brusco, 2002; Brusco & Stahl, 2001a; DeCani, 1969, 1972; Flueck & Korsh, 1974; Hubert, 1976; Hubert & Golledge, 1981; Rodgers & Thompson, 1992).
Sava Janjic of the Decani monastery in Kosovo, "Kosovo Albanians have an obsession to create an ethnically clean Albanian state, and believe that as long as there is a single Serbian Orthodox church either from the Middle Ages or the modern age, they would never be able to say Kosovo fully belongs to them." They see churches and monasteries also as marks of Serbian culture, statehood, and tradition" (National Post, Apr.
They heard Decani was burning [set on fire by retreating Serbian soldiers] and they came to search for people.
Stubbs (ed.), Radulfi de Diceto Decani Lundoniensis Opera Historica (Rolls Series, No.
However, there are now and will continue to be middle-school students who struggle with reading and learning from text because of reading disabilities, reading problems, and inadequate instruction (Greene, 1998; Williams, Brown, Silverstein, & deCani, 1994).
Father Sava of the Decani monastery in western Kosovo said it was time the Serbs opened their eyes to what their leadership had done to them.
Sava of the Decani Monastery, were outraged at NATO's war.