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A method for mechanical dewatering of a wet solid by pouring off the liquid without disturbing underlying sediment or precipitate.
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the pouring off of liquid from underlying sediment. Decantation is a laboratory and technical method of washing amorphous precipitates, making possible a more complete removal of mother liquor than does washing the precipitate through a filter. It is also used to extract soluble substances from powdered solid raw material (for example, for removing the sugar solution after treating sugar beet cossettes with hot water).


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These results differ from those reported by MOURINO & STEFANI (2006) who observed significantly higher [ADC.sub.CP] for the decantation method when compared to intestinal dissection.
As a precautionary measure a series of automatic-cleaning filters with a micronage of 200 |im., are used, in case any particles are still present after the decantation phase.
In average, the range on both shaking and decantation periods did not differ regarding soil clay texture classes.
Et sur le plan pratique, de par l'importance des missions devolues a l'organe de regulation, il est attendu de la decantation que soient emerges des candidats probes et professionnels, consensuels si possible, qui soient capables de hauteur critique.
Cette station, mise en service en novembre 2012, dispose de seize bassins de decantation, dont huit primaires, profonds, fonctionnant en anaerobie, et huit autres secondaires, de grande dimension, fonctionnant en aerobie, et permet d'obtenir des eaux epurees repondant aux normes internationales de rejet.
Aussi, cette 3e journee sera un autre tour de chauffe, et ce, en attendant la decantation.Rachid Hammoutene