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absence of the need to use graphitized electrodes will allow refusing from the steel decarburization process, that will simplify and make easier process of movement of the plasmatrons;
The minimum and maximum microhardness are observed near the boundary between the facing and backing, which is associated with the redistribution of carbon because of increased solubility in the liquid phase and decarburization at the liquid-solid phase interface.
In addition, the short heating time improves the metallurgical properties of the hardened zone by reducing grain growth, decarburization, and oxidation of the pin
When austenitizing, care must be taken to avoid carburization or decarburization by carefully monitoring the heat-treating atmosphere.
One of the root causes of these problems resides in the surface decarburization or carburization of the sintered parts which are the result of carbon potential fluctuation in the sintering furnace.
Melting of the ore-coal pellets in the arc furnace is characterized by diversity of heat and mass transfer processes, stipulated by action of both heat engineering and combination of physical-chemical factors, which accompany decarburization of the pool, slag formation, oxidation of the metal by oxygen of the furnace atmosphere, etc.
Each of the six ladles of steel was melted in a single, 95-ton electric arc furnace and then subsequently treated and kept hot in rotation in either the vacuum arc degassing unit or the similar vacuum oxygen decarburization unit," Marston said.
In wet hydrogen-containing atmospheres this reaction accounts for most of the decarburization.
Driven by energy security, decarburization and industrial benefit, the Chinese government has set up an ambitious plan to achieve 30-gigawatt installations by 2020 in the offshore wind industry.
The developed technological process for production of especially low-carbon steel included melting of the intermediate product in ASF from the metal scrap with addition of a portion of non-conversion iron (or some other primary raw material) for ensuring minimal content of non-ferrous metals (chromium, nickel, copper); tapping of the intermediate product into the ladle and its partial reduction; decarburization of the metal on the degassing installation of the chamber type; bringing of the metal up to the assigned chemical composition in the ladle--furnace installation; casting of steel on MCCB with full protection of the jet against secondary oxidation and application of the system for electromagnetic mixing of metal in the mould.