December 18

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December 18


Advent (Sunday nearest November 30 through December 24)
Celebrated in: Germany

Halcyon Days (December 14-28)

Misa de Gallo (December 16-24)

Posadas (December 16-24)

Saturnalia (December 17-23)

Legal Holidays by Countries

National DayQatar
Republic DayNiger
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Reporting December 18th in Nature, Vincent Bourrier (Geneva University Observatory, Switzerland) and colleagues have found that the Neptune-mass exoplanet GJ 436b orbits around its star's poles rather than its equator.
According to him, 'when we met with them on December 18th, 2017, they told us that they had sent the letter to the Presidency on the 9th of December, 2017 and from that day and till now, which is well over 60 days, we have heard not from them.
With reference to its prior news releases this year dated August 28th, August 31st, October 12th, November 29th, and December 18th, Empire Industries Ltd.
ISLAMABAD -- The Election Commission of Pakistan on Wednesday summoned details of intra-party elections of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf by December 18th.
On December 18th at 14:30 on "Vazrazhdane" Square will start "Christmas Fairy - 2017".
ECP directed Babar Awan to present arguments on behalf of his client before the commission by December 18th.
20 -- World Brotherhood Organization (WBO) marked its Annual World Brotherhood Day with much fanfare, camaraderie and solidarity on December 18th.
Candidacies for the December 18th municipal elections (mayors and members of the municipal councils) will be submitted today.
At the December 18th event, Caribbean Hot Spot staff members received training from Devoted Creations' Kandra Covert.
Manah, Dec 21 (ONA) Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakersin the Wilayat of Manah in the Governorate of ADakhiliyah today markedthe World Arabic Language Day, which falls on December 18th each year, under the patronage of Dr.
A period of calling hours will be held on Thursday, December 18th from 4-7 p.
Elian's Parish Church, Llanelian on Thursday December 18th at 2.