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(computer science)
The computer operation of determining if a certain relationship exists between words in storage or registers, and taking alternative courses of action; this is effected by conditional jumps or equivalent techniques.



in law, an enactment of a soviet of people’s deputies or its executive committee, within the rights vested in it. A decision is adopted at a session of a soviet or at a session of its executive committee by a majority vote. The so-called mandatory decisions, which entail administrative responsibility if they are violated, constitute a special group.

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As Idziak writes, the preferred standard for proxy decision makers is the "principle of substituted judgment," in which the proxy is advised to advocate based on the "values and desires of the patient.
Cognitive psychology's classical decision making theories offer empirical support for individual decision making strategies.
Studying the influences of multiple individuals and groups on decision making against the backdrop of perceived hierarchy serves to elucidate previously unexplored territory.
Many youth with disabilities leave secondary education with very little training in vocational and career decision making skills, or positive work attitudes that are important for successful transition from school to work or post secondary education.
The basic premise of real options theory is that many investments (as well as most strategic decisions) involve risk and uncertainty concerning future payoffs and costs, but the decision can often be divided into stages and sequenced so that more information is available after the first stage that will influence the probability as well as the potential size of the expected payoff.
The "haves," on the other hand, can provide corporate information instantly to senior leaders who may be facing a major corporate decision.
Because of the differences between expert decision makers and novices, how might technology and, in particular, simulation technology, be employed to enhance decision-making capabilities?
Levin commented then that the Early Decision practice had gotten out of hand, and ending it "would be a good thing.
An excellent book on decision-making is Decision Traps: The Ten Barriers to Brilliant Decision-Making and How to Overcome Them by J.
In many cases, the parent was willing to admit -- sometimes with not a small amount of share -- that the child made the entire decision all by himself or herself.
Stage 4 starts to bring us into the realm of active data warehousing, focusing on tactical decision support.