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the mutual conditioning by components of the reality of their existence, the mutual dependence of their individual characteristics. A special type of interdependence is correlation, which is a strongly mediated interdependence. In the present-day literature of philosophical logic and specialized science the concept of correlation is used more frequently than that of interdependence.


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A Declaration of INTERdependence, October 25, 1975, endorsed by 124 members of the U.
The Insight 2000 keynote speaker is Gus Whalen, author of The Featherbone Principle: A Declaration of Interdependence and president and CEO of The Warren Featherbone Company.
In my new book, A Declaration of Interdependence, I argue that too few people inside and outside America comprehend the ambition of the American conservative project and its ideological hostility--both internally to any conception of an American social contract undergirding social mobility and opportunity and externally to any constraint on the exercise of preemptive autonomous American power.
Earth Scouts, a new national youth program, was launched last year "based on the Earth Charter: A Declaration of Interdependence," with badges for the Charter's 16 principles.
I would go as far as to say that, in many ways, the 2030 Agenda is a twenty-first century declaration of interdependence.
Rockefeller, a member of the Earth Charter Commission and chairman of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (the tax-exempt foundation that funds much of the radical environmental movement), said that the Earth Charter is "a declaration of interdependence and responsibility, [and] a universal code of conduct," as well as "an attempt to formulate an integrated legal framework for all sustainable development and environmental law.

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