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Declaration of Rights,

in British history: see Bill of RightsBill of Rights,
1689, in British history, one of the fundamental instruments of constitutional law. It registered in statutory form the outcome of the long 17th-century struggle between the Stuart kings and the English Parliament.
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Laski wanted to avoid an individualistic declaration of rights and stressed the meaning of the words, in the light of these considerations, he said that any attempt by the UN to elaborate a Declaration of Human Rights based on individualistic ideas would inevitably be doomed to fail.
of 1776, DECLARATION OF RIGHTS. [section] IV, reprinted in FEDERAL AND STATE CONSTITUTIONS, supra note 3.
At the founding conference of the United Nations, held in San Francisco from April 25 to June 26, 1945, representatives from Cuba, Mexico, and Panama proposed that a Declaration of Rights and Duties of Nations and a Declaration of the Essential Rights of Man be developed and adopted.
Declaration of Rights Committee: Process and Substance
Park staff hope that through a fundraising campaign, aided by the National Park Foundation, they will be able to restore the M'Clintock House, where convention planners met to draft the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments.
Zuckert's discussion of the view that the American Revolution was not based on novel principles but on a continuation of themes from the "old Whigs" of the British Glorious Revolution takes the form of comparing the principles embraced in the Declaration with those of the English Declaration of Rights, a document written to explain the Glorious Revolution.
To make this argument, Zuckert interestingly compares the Declaration of Independence with the English Declaration of Rights and the Mayflower Compact.
The summing-up of the cahiers de doleances certainly underscored the fundamental divide from the outset between supporters of limited reform and those who insisted on a new order based on a declaration of rights, but revealed that both sides still firmly wished to preserve the monarchy (Mercure de France, 8 August 1789, pp.103-11).
In the last chapter in the section of "context," Keith Michael Baker traces the intellectual origins (both French and foreign) of the idea of a declaration of rights and provides a detailed account of the assembly debates in which the final document was hammered out.
Professor Murray must carry the can for claiming that Shelley's servant posted his Declaration of Rights up in Sussex (p.
19 the congress adopted the Declaration of Rights and Grievances, a series of resolutions protesting taxes imposed by the act, and resolved not to import any goods that required payment of duty.
One of Jefferson's biographers has commented that Jefferson's influence on Lafayette's declaration of rights "was probably greater than appears in any formal record." Dumas Malone, Jefferson and the Rights of Man (Boston: Little, Brown, 1951), 223.

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