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The deterioration of existing defense mechanisms, leading to an exacerbation of pathologic behavior.



disturbance of the activity of an organ, a system of organs, or the entire organism, as a result of exhaustion or disruption of its adaptive mechanisms.

Harmful influences that cause significant changes in the organism disturb the constant equilibrium between the organism and the external environment. After some time, the organism adapts itself to the new conditions of existence (for example, the heart muscle hypertrophies when there are heart defects) and equilibrium is restored—that is, compensation occurs. When there is compensation, the organ (or system) works under an increased load, as a result of which it succumbs more readily to harmful influences.

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This simple approach, of finding out why the heterophoria is decompensating and eliminating or treating the cause, is often all that is required to treat or correct the condition.
The HemoTherapies Unit for Liver Dialysis is the only liver assist technology with FDA clearance for the treatment of patients suffering from acute hepatic encephalopathy due to decompensating liver disease and drug overdose.
The company has two lead product candidates, CPC-111 (currently in Phase II trials for patients with decompensating heart failure, and cardiac bypass) and CPC-211 (currently in a Phase II trial in ischemic stroke).