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(also Dedeiakov, Tiutiakov), a medieval Alanic city in the northern Caucasus, known through Russian chronicles of the 14th through the 16th centuries. On Feb. 8, 1278, Dediakov was taken and plundered by the Tatar and Russian forces led by Mengu-Timur. Dediakov was also associated with the place where Prince Mikhail of Tver was murdered in a Tatar headquarters on Nov. 22, 1318. Dediakov’s location was unknown, and a number of places in the northern Caucasus were conjectured to be its site. According to the latest archaeological data, the enormous Verkhnedzhulatskii gorodishche (site of a fortified town), sometimes called Tatartup, on the left bank of the Terek River opposite the village of El’khotovo in the Severnaia Ossetiia ASSR, is considered to be the remains of Dediakov.


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