deep-sea exploration

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deep-sea exploration:

see oceanographyoceanography,
study of the seas and oceans. The major divisions of oceanography include the geological study of the ocean floor (see plate tectonics) and features; physical oceanography, which is concerned with the physical attributes of the ocean water, such as currents and
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Eight years in development, the submersible will join China's currently operating deep sea exploration vessel, the Jialong, which has conducted dives in the deepest part of the world's oceans, the Mariana Trench.
Ashtead was has been a global distributor of SubC Imaging products since 2011 and last year invested over $300,000 in upgrading their fleet of visual inspection tools for deep sea exploration.
Deep sea exploration of minerals and resources is increasing across the globe, but its short and long-term impacts on the environment, economy and society in general remain largely unknown, according to the report, Pacific Possible: Precautionary Management of Deep Sea Mining Potential in Pacific Island Countries.
Ashtead Technology, the leading independent provider of subsea equipment rental, sales and services to the offshore industry, has invested over $300,000 in the latest generation of visual inspection tools for deep sea exploration.
3 LEGO CITY DEEP SEA EXPLORATION VESSEL, PS80 Age: 8-12 This Lego set comes with SO many great bits - from the sub and scuba scooter to the white shark, swordfish and octopus - the detail is amazing.
Barbie Saddle and Ride Horse and Doll Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo Little Live Pets Clever Keet Easy Nails Spa Frozen Sing a-Long Elsa Doll Disney Princess Hair Glow Rapunzel Doll, pictured, inset, right IDO3D Deluxe Design Studio Kinetic Sand Beach Box Set LEGO City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Minions Tumbling Talking Stuart Nerf N Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster Paw Patrol Paw Patroller, pictured, inset, top right Pie Face
Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel IT may be 2015 but some of the must-have toys this year may look familiar.
It will give access to state-of-the-art test facilities, robotic equipment and expertise to SMEs, multinationals, research laboratories and academia from areas such as space applications, deep sea exploration, fusion research and the advanced nuclear fission industry.
Mexico's oil industry is trying to lure partnered investments in shale and deep sea exploration and shallow-oil fields.
He invited the British companies to bring in investment and technology in various oil and gas sectors, like deep sea exploration, monetization of marginal and mature oilfields, laying of pipeline grid, and setting up of LNG terminal in east coast of the country.