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the part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths shorter than light but longer than X-rays; in the range 0.4 × 10--6 and 1 × 10--8 metres


Pertaining to ultraviolet radiation. Abbreviated UV.


(1) See ultraviolet light.

(2) A cloud-based storage locker for licensed content from the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (see DECE). Under the Digital HD brand, purchases of Blu-ray discs with redeemable coupons and purchases of movies and TV shows (not rental) from participating online retailers entitles users to keep their content in the UltraViolet cloud and stream or download it as required.

Depending on the retailer's agreement, content might be sharable with friends and family, and parental access can be applied. A physical disc may also be obtainable. See Digital HD, Blu-ray Combo Pack and media locker.
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Designed for the photovoltaic industry, the FLP-266-PPP is a deep ultraviolet fiber laser, combining high-power output with extended lifetime, output stability, and reliability needed for demanding laser applications.
With the introduction of the FLP-266-QCW platform, we continue to extend the operational window for solid-state deep ultraviolet lasers.
of Green Island, NY has announced winning a $2M award from National Institute of Science and Technology's Advanced Technology Program for the development of high performance deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes based on its process for developing low-defect aluminum nitride substrates.
NIST researchers, in collaboration with colleagues from private industry, and the University of Minnesota, recently have measured the deep ultraviolet (DUV) responsivity of GaN and AlGaN photodiodes for use as solar-blind photodetectors.

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