deep-sea exploration

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deep-sea exploration:

see oceanographyoceanography,
study of the seas and oceans. The major divisions of oceanography include the geological study of the ocean floor (see plate tectonics) and features; physical oceanography, which is concerned with the physical attributes of the ocean water, such as currents and
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It revolutionized deep-sea exploration by expanding scientists' abilities to reach into the deep," said Chris German, National Deep-Submergence Facility chief scientist at WHOI and a co-chief scientist of the expedition off Chile.
With Ballard at the helm of cutting edge technology and innovation, he was able to turn his dream of deep-sea exploration into reality.
The project was inspired by a BBC special about deep-sea exploration, and its libretto is a series of poems about the ocean, commissioned from Scottish writer Jackie Kay ("My sea bed, I tell no lies, so your heart/will not be broken.
The younger Barton was heir to a fortune and had his own dreams of deep-sea exploration and adventure.
The fourth annual SeaFest also includes a chance to talk with scientists conducting research in marine biology, aquaculture, fisheries and deep-sea exploration.
This is the riveting story of the first truly deep-sea exploration, in a series of 20 dives between 1929 and 1934, William Beebe and Otis Barton rode a diving capsule to 3,028 feet under the Atlantic, about 100 times as far down as anyone had gone underwater before.
Barton, a New York City trust-fund kid with a bad attitude toward the family plan (he dropped out of engineering school at Columbia University), saw deep-sea exploration as his route to fame and glory.
While tracking rubber duckies provides a unique way to study ocean currents, oceanographers typically rely on more traditional methods of deep-sea exploration to learn about currents, tides, depth, temperature, and oceanographic terrain.
It was the first time that deep-sea exploration was brought live to scientists, students, and the public via satellite and Internet technologies.
The DF Aviator was designed to explore the concept of underwater flight and to introduce the public to the wonders of deep-sea exploration.
The yard has already built a huge North Sea rig called Bingo 9000, a new- generation deep-sea exploration rig.
For example, MUSE solicits and receives contributions of objects related to deep-sea exploration, such as items recovered from sunken vessels or old maps.