Shishi Odori

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Shishi Odori (Deer Dance)

The Shishi Odori or Deer Dance of Japan's Ehime Prefecture dates back to the early 17th century. Young boys wearing deer masks with antlers beat small drums known as kodaiko and act out a search for the female deer who tries to conceal herself. At the Uwatsuhiko Shrine at Uwajima, the Yatsushishi-odori, or Eight Deers Dance, performed in late October, is particularly graceful and is one of the highlights of the autumn festivals held in the Ehime Prefecture.
A Shishi Odori is also held at Hananomaki in Iwate Prefecture. Eight men wearing deer masks perform a sunlight, moonlight, and starlight dance; a measured, ceremonial dance; and a dance that tells the story of a deer's life. This kind of dancing is usually performed during the month of March, but only at the request of visitors.
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Later, as it begins to snow heavily, two roe deer dance across the path in front of us.
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Past recipients include Douglas Bonaise, Agnes Johnson, Debbie Oostindie, Bruce, the Red Deer Dance Troupe, and Allison Plain-Cutknife.
Norma Araiza, a Yaqui/Mexican performer, choreographer and instructor who is now living in Toronto is scheduled to offer a workshop on the traditional Mexican Deer dance and Andrew Garcia, founder of Tewa Dancers from the North based in San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico is scheduled to offer a workshop, on traditional Tewa dance technique.
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If only the entire suite had mirrored the conciseness and fervor of the opening segment called "The Gazelle." Although its theme -- the pursuit and slaying of a graceful forest creature -- was reminiscent of Mexico's Yaqui Deer Dance, the episode, sensitively led by Linda Caceres as the gazelle, revealed the overall theme of Slaves -- that hunters would become the hunted.
Yet another group adapts Native stories about shape-shifting prey and predators, bringing these animals into the hospital ward, bar-rooms and suburbs of contemporary North America (Evelina Zuni Lucero's, "Deer Dance," Alice Hoffman's excerpt from her novel Second Nature, Terry Tempest Williams' "Deerskin").
Other award winners were the Red Deer Dance Troupe (Aboriginal Arts), Debbie Oostindie (Education and Training), Bruce and Allison Plain-Cutknife (Entrepreneurship), Darryl Lickers (Health), Teresa (Corky) Jonasson and Agnes Johnson (Kookum), Darcy Goodrunning (Traditional Practices), Dr.
It was part of Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show and antelope, buffalo, coyote and deer dances were performed on that occasion.