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1 Village (1990 pop. 17,327), Cook and Lake counties, NE Ill., a residential suburb of Chicago; inc. 1903. The huge Sara Lee Bakery is its major industry, and there is other light manufacturing. 2 Town (1990 pop. 5,018), NW Mass., on the Deerfield River; inc. 1677. In a 1704 Native American attack nearly 50 inhabitants were killed; most of the survivors were taken to Canada, and some were killed on the way. Old Deerfield St. is lined with 18th-century houses. Deerfield Academy, one of the country's foremost private secondary schools, is in the town.


river, 70 mi (113 km) long, rising in S Vt. and flowing S into NW Mass., then SE to the Connecticut River at Greenfield, Mass. The river has extensive hydroelectric facilities but is also a canoeing and kayaking hub.
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A CPU family from Intel designed to supersede Intel's x86-based servers. Although an advanced hardware architecture, and even with HP as its major supporter, Itanium gained only a fraction of the server market dominated by the x86 line. In addition, the compilers necessary to take full advantage of Itanium's elaborate architecture were never fully developed. By the time Itanium gained ground in the early 2000s, there were too many x86 servers running worldwide, and x86 performance was improving.

HP-UX (HP's Unix) and several other Unix versions run on Itanium; however, in the 2010 time frame, the Itanium versions of Windows Server, Red Hat Linux and Ubuntu Linux were given end of life.

x86 Kept Advancing
After 64-bit Itanium chips were introduced in 2001, Intel upgraded its x86 CPUs to 64 bits, and over the years added advanced security and fault detection features into high-end x86 Xeon chips. See Intel 64 and Xeon.

Native, x86 and HP PA-RISC Apps
Itaniums run native applications and emulate x86 and HP PA-RISC apps. x86 programs are executed in hardware or in software (see IA-32 Execution Layer). HP PA-RISC apps are translated in software (see Aries). For more on the Itanium architecture, see IA-64.

 Model           Process  Max.  Year   Tech.  Clock  Max.Code Name  Intro  (nm)   Speed  CoresItanium
 Merced     2001   180  800 MHz   1

 Itanium 2
 McKinley   2002   180  1.0 GHz   1
 Madison    2003   130  1.6 GHz   1
 Deerfield  2003   130  1.0 GHz   1
 Hondo      2004   130  1.1 GHz   1
 Fanwood    2004   130  1.6 GHz   1
 Madison    2004   130  1.7 GHz   1

 Montecito  2006    90  1.6 GHz   2
 Montvale   2007    90  1.7 GHz   2

 Itanium 9300
 Tukwila    2010    65  1.7 GHz   4

 Itanium 9500
 Poulson    2013    32  2.5 GHz   8
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