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In his writings, The fundamentals of defectology, Vygotsky (1993) developed a methodological framework for special education and psychology, with relevance for contemporary practical work with inclusive education.
The approach still reflects the tenets of defectology and the discourse is medical, without attention to social justice or broader political and cultural circumstances that shape the discourse of inclusion (Macura Milovanovic et al.
Secondly, social pedagogy is understood as a specific branch of the integrated knowledge that includes the fundamentals of pedagogy, psychology, sociology, political science, social and pedagogical technologies, defectology, etc.
The fundamentals of defectology (abnormal psychology and learning disabilities).
Research interests: construction defectology and modernization of buildings.
We spent this morning in the Institute for Defectology which Luria headed until a year or two ago.
Defectology does not differentiate physical from mental impairment, and the profoundly deaf often were grouped with the mentally retarded.