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A plate, baffle, or the like that diverts the flow of a forward-moving stream.
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(1) Exhaust equipment installed on the outside end of a pipe (shaft), most frequently in order to remove impure air from various premises and from railroad cars. Sometimes deflectors are used to bring air into premises, for instance, into a ship. A deflector works by using the energy of air (wind) flowing around it. Deflectors are usually made of sheet metal (steel); concrete, asbestoscement mixtures, and other materials are sometimes used. A deflector must be installed in such a way that the wind will always flow around the deflector regardless of the wind direction; the orifice (mouth) of the pipe must be protected from atmospheric precipitation. The most widely used types of deflectors are the TSAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute) and Shanar-Etual’ models.

(2) A device for measurement and elimination of deviation in a magnetic compass.

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"The use of the Hardide-T coating has enabled Royal Mail to reduce the scheduled replacement of the deflector, allowing the machines to run for longer and process more mail."
Because of these issues, many manufacturers have simply opted not to use deflectors. This solution isn't optimal either.
The difference between the nozzle outer radius and the deflector's concavity radius being of the same order as the distance between the nozzle and the deflector, i.e.
Potential licensees in the residential HVAC accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the 2nd Generation Air Deflector on a worldwide basis.
In this study effect of installing types of deflector have been studied on replacement of inception point, as well as increase in passing water discharge.
This deflector technology was invented by Diez, associate professor at the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University.
If the seal support is bent so the deflector won't seat right, replace it.
Mutiny Gold (ASX:MYG) is a diversified resource company focused on the exploration and development of its flagship Deflector gold / copper project, within the Gullewa tenements located in the South Murchison region of Western Australia.
Deflectors with optimal size openings were the most successful, as were those with multiple openings that were spaced appropriately.
Unique in its class, the deflector allows all four occupants to enjoy draught-free driving up to 56mph, and when used with a removable mesh deflector behind the front seats, it provides buffeting-free travel for two whatever the speed.
Unique in its class, the deflector allows all four occupants of the car to enjoy draught-free driving at speeds of up to 56mph - and when it is used with a removable mesh deflector screen located behind the front seats, it provides buffetingfree travel for two whatever the speed.