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chemical preparations that cause the fall of plant leaves. Ethylene, which—according to several investigators—forms in plants and causes leaves to fall naturally, is a defoliant. Defoliants widely used in agriculture and the rates at which they are consumed (kilograms per hectare of total product) are given in Table 1.

Table 1. Common defoliants
 Rate of consumption (kg/ha)
Magnesium chlorate ...............6–10
Sodium chlorate-pentaborate ...............8–15
Calcium chJorate-chloride ...............6–10
Butifos (S,S,S-tributyltrithiophosphate) ...............0.7–2.0
Merfos (S,S,S-tributyltrithiophosphate) ...............0.7–1.5
Calcium cyanamide ...............40–45
Butindiol-1,4 ...............3–5
Arsenous acid ...............1–3
cis-β-sodium chloracrylate ...............2–10

Butifos and merfos are the most effective defoliants. However, their shortcomings are a disagreeable odor and comparatively high toxicity to vertebrates. Chlorates are effective as defoliants, but they are slower to act. The salts of endoxohexahydrophthalic acid (endothall) and butindiol (butine-2-diol-l,4) are used on a somewhat smaller scale.

Defoliants usually cause 70-85 percent of the leaves to fall; the other leaves shrivel.

Defoliants are widely used to cause the leaves of cotton plants to fall before harvest time.


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You'll need to use less and less defoliant as the season progresses.
Still, the Pentagon denies that it ever stored military defoliants - including Agent Orange - in Okinawa and in February, it released a 29-page report denying that such substances were ever on the island.
Agricultural products company American Vanguard Corp (NYSE:AVD) announced on Wednesday the completion of the acquisition of the cotton defoliant product Tribufos from Bayer CropScience for an undisclosed value.
Two to three weeks after being sprayed with defoliants, the trees would drop their leaves, generally remaining bare for several months after.
ALMOST 20 million gallons of herbicides, including 11million of the Agent Orange defoliant - the most poisonous chemical known to man - were sprayed across Vietnam between 1961 and 1971.
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the defendants failed to ensure safety as the defoliants manufactured by the defendants had higher levels of dioxins than standard.
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The government of Canada has openly admitted it gave permission to the United States government to enter Canadian territory and use dioxin-laced defoliants in and around Canadian Forces Base Gagetown during the years 1966 and 1967.
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US war veterans campaigned in the late Seventies and early Eighties for compensation for health problems that they suspected were caused or exacerbated through their contact with defoliants and other chemicals.
The defoliants were applied by South Korean troops by hand-spraying and by hand-distribution of pelletized herbicides.