Defregger, Franz von

Defregger, Franz von

(fränts fən dā`frĕgər), 1835–1921, Austrian genre and historical painter. He studied in Munich with Piloty. He is known for his popular pictures of Tyrolean life, which depend largely for their interest on their fine characterization and humor. Good examples are The Last Summons and Zither Player (both: Vienna).

Defregger, Franz Von


Born Apr. 30, 1835, in Ederhof zu Stronach, Tyrol; died Jan. 2, 1921, in Munich. Austrian painter. Of Tyrolean peasant origin.

From 1864 to 1870, Defregger studied in Munich under K. Piloty. From 1878 to 1910 he was a professor at the Academy in Munich. He painted scenes from the life of the Tyrolean peasants and their struggle against Napoleon, such as Grace (1875; Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig), The Last Militia (1874; Austrian Gallery of the 19th and 20th Centuries, Vienna), and The Return of the Tyrolean Militia (1876; National Gallery, Berlin). Defregger strove to accurately depict everyday life and the experiences of heroes.


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