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in French history, the label applied to deputies sitting on the raised left benches in the National Convention during the French Revolution. Members of the faction, known as Montagnards [Mountain Men] saw themselves as the embodiment of national unity.
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Paul Bowman, Cook Children's Medical Center, Fort Worth; Jeffrey Taub, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit; and Barbara Degar, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston.
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In Vietnam, the indigenous Degar people, also called Montagnards, are viewed with suspicion for their Christian faith, and the government is responsible for numerous cases of torture and abuse, while hundreds of Degar women have been subject to forced sterilization.
2) Alex Florido and Degar Infange whip up pizzas at Domino's in Newhall on Monday.
The sun, often a reluctant visitor in these latitudes, had drenched the nearby islands of Linlin and Punto Degar with an unexpected radiance, highlighting an offshore backdrop of salmon nets and the luminous pearly wakes of fishing boats.