Degree of Automation

Degree of Automation


a coefficient that characterizes the degree of automation of a machine or of production.

The degree of automation of a machine is subdivided into cyclic, operating, and service categories. The cyclic degree of automation is determined from the formula Ka.c=taut/te, where taut is the operating time of the machine and te is the cycle time. The operating degree of automation is determined from the formula Ka.o=(Tit- Tm)/Tit, where Tlt is the time it takes to manufacture one production item on a given machine excluding the time lost for personal needs and setting up and Tm is the required manual working time for one item of the person servicing the machine. Tm includes the time spent in adjusting the machine before starting operation, in placing and removing the item, in measuring it during manufacture, in controlling the machine, replacing a worn tool, and removing chips. The service degree of automation is determined from the formula Ka.s=Σtaut/T8, where Σtaut is the total operating time of the machine in the rated service period and Ts is the rated service period of operation for the machine—months and years.

The degree of automation of production is subdivided into aggregate and complex categories. The aggregate degree of automation is expressed by the formula Ka.p=Naut/N,, where Naut is the amount of automated equipment (on the site or in the shop, factory, or department) and N is the total amount of equipment. The complex degree of automation is determined from the formula Ka.p=Naut..p/N, where Naut.p is the number of machines installed in an automated line.

The cyclic degree of automation is the first step in automating production. A higher degree of automation is complex automation.


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