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see DinotheriumDinotherium
[Gr.,=terrible beast], extinct mammal related to the elephant, fossil remains of which have been found in Miocene and Pliocene formations of Africa, Europe, and India.
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tragelaphoides, a tragulid Dorcatherium, a giraffid Giraffokeryx punjabiensis and a proboscidean Deinotherium cf.
Family Deinotheriidae Bonaparte, 1845 Genus DEINOTHERIUM Kaup, 1829
The true molar in Deinotherium, is always bilophodont (Sarwar, 1977).
The dates of occurrence for the deinotherium taxa suggest the Kamlial and the Chinji formations (ca.
The Deinotherium pentapotamiae and Listriodon pentapotamiae are characteristic markers of the Chinji Formation (14 - 11.
The long lasting and wide spread Listriodon pentapotamiae in the Lava locality together with Giraffokeryx punjabiensis, Gaindatherium browni, Brachypotherium fatehjangense, Deinotherium pentapotamiae, and Dorcatherium sp.