Deir ez Zor

Deir ez Zor,

Syria: see Dayr az ZawrDayr az Zawr
or Deir ez Zor
, town (1994 est. pop. 133,000), capital of Dayr az Zawr governorate, E Syria, on the Euphrates River. It is a prosperous farming town, with cattle-breeding and an agricultural school.
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FILE - Men walk along a damaged street filled with debris in Deir ez-Zor MOSCOW - 4 December 2017: Six Russian Tu-22M3 long-haul bombers delivered an airstrike on Daesh (a terrorist organization outlawed in Russia) targets in the Syrian province of Deir ez Zor, the Russian defense ministry said on Sunday.
DEIR EZ ZOR (CyHAN)- Syrian government forces recaptured Palmyra on Sunday, state media and a monitoring group said, inflicting a significant defeat on the Daesh group which had controlled the desert city since May last year, Reuters reported.
The Ministry quotes WHO as reporting a polio epidemic in the Syrian province of Deir ez Zor.
-Conflicting reports from Deir ez Zor- Syrian Information Ministry took a group of 70 journalists to the city of Deir ez Zor. As we reached Deir ez Zor, we noticed that the Syrian Army was ready waiting at the outskirts of the city, Demir said.
Deir ez-Zor, 28 Aug: The US International Investment Group had entered with five new projects of 1.6 billion Syrian pounds taking total number of projects in industrial city of Deir ez Zor up to 35 according to a report issued from the City s governorates.
The first agreement renews the Deir Ez Zor oil license, wholly-owned by Total and jointly operated by Total and the Syrian Petroleum Company via the Deir Ez Zor Petroleum Company joint venture.
The first agreement renews the Deir Ez Zor oil license, by extending the license for 10 years to 2021.
"We are finalising talks with Syria on the extension of an oil and gas production permit at Deir Ez Zor," a Total spokeswoman said.
Shell since 1984 has made more than 80 oil and gas discoveries amounting to almost 2.3 bn barrels of oil equivalent, in the Deir Ez Zor (AFPC), Al Badiya (BOC) and Al Bishri (BPC) blocks (see Gas Market Trends).
In his 60s, he comes from the Al Jazira area near Deir Ez Zor. He also heads Sytrol.
In his 60s, he comes of the Al Jazira area near Deir Ez Zor. He studied in East Germany, where he got a doctorate degree.