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A website that specialized in product ratings and information. Founded in 1995 as Deja News, the site was initially created to archive and search Usenet discussions. In 1999, it rebranded itself as a product decision-making site with consumer opinions and reviews and product comparisons. In 2000, eBay's acquired the consumer service, and Google acquired the Usenet archive in 2001.
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Next most familiar are Google Groups, which began life on the Usenet and whose archive at Deja News was acquired by Google in 2001.
com), previously called Deja News and before that DejaViews.
Many moved to companies such as Universal Studios, Deja News, Lightspan or new e-commerce venture CheckOut.
The random address had an average of 3 hits in AltaVista, 6 hits in HotBot, and 7 hits in Deja News, while the high spare addresses had an average of 13 hits in AltaVista, 30 hits in HotBot, and 99 hits in Deja News.
com), a leading directory and content aggregator on the Internet, and Deja News (http://www.
The consumer-driven Web site has also attracted non-pharmaceutical advertisers such as Deja News, Dr.
VA systems are already being built on top of 4- way Xeon boxes to run web and Oracle database applications for France Telecom, Deja News and Forman Interactive.
These agreements are in addition to Infoseek's existing content relationships with Reuters, Deja News, Reality Online, PR Newswire, Hoover's Online, Bell Atlantic, and NBC-IN.
The consumer-driven Web site has also attracted non-endemic advertisers such as Deja News, Dr.
Etheridge comes to Deja News from Microsoft Network where he was the Executive Producer of both MSN New York Sidewalk and MSN Entertainment.