Robert Delaunay

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Delaunay, Robert

Delaunay, Robert (rōbĕrˈ dəlōnāˈ), 1885–1941, French painter; husband of Sonia Delaunay-Terk. By 1909, Delaunay had progressed from a neoimpressionist phase to cubism, applying cubist principles to the exploration of color. He immediately enlarged cubist themes to include the architecture of cities (e.g., La Ville de Paris, 1912; Musée d'Art moderne, Paris). He became a major figure in the movement Apollinaire termed orphism. This amalgam of fauve color, futurist dynamism, and analytical cubism sought to emulate the rhythms but not the appearance of nature. Delaunay is most famous for his series of paintings of the Eiffel Tower; one of them is in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City.


See M. Hoog, Delauney (1977).

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The Tate Modern catalogue and exhibition is a visual tour de force, with over 250 mostly full-color illustrations that highlight Sonia Delaunay's artistic range working in diverse media, materials, and processes as well as her leadership and participation in new arts movements, including Orphism, Simultane, Abstraction-Creation, and Nouvelles Realities.
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