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, English name given several closely related Native American groups of the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). In the 17th cent., they lived in what is now New Jersey, Delaware, E Pennsylvania, and SE New York.
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, Native North Americans.
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Chief Dee Ketchum, the presiding Chief of the Delaware Tribe of Indians, said that he "is pleased the Delaware Tribe of Indians is moving forward with this venture which should benefit the Tribe.
Akins, a member of the Delaware Tribe, stated, "We are very optimistic about this new venture, as it offers our company an opportunity to expand its asset base and establish a long-term economic development relationship with the Delaware Tribe of Indians.
Douglas County, Kansas is soliciting proposals for an experienced planning firm consultant to assist the Delaware Tribe of Indians and key stakeholders to create a plan for the Delaware Tribes 90 acre property just north of Lawrence, KS.
50) Most notable among the modernists were the current head chief, John Connor, and Charles Journeycake, who later became head chief of the Delaware tribe.
In 1977, shortly after its own reorganization after almost sixty-five years without a tribal government, the Cherokee chief Ross Swimmer declared that the Delaware Tribe had ceased to exist with the signing of the 1867 Cherokee-Delaware Agreement.
See Gina Carrigan and Clayton Chambers, "A Lesson in Administrative Termination: An Analysis of the Legal Status of the Delaware Tribe of Indians" (unpublished manuscript, 1994), 8.
McDowell Casino, Arizona, the Sante Sioux, Nebraska; the Kiowa Tribe, Oklahoma; the Delaware Tribe, Oklahoma, and the Duck Creek Community in Oklahoma.
An agreement has been inked by the Cherokee Nation and the Delaware Tribe of Indians, allowing the Delaware to look for and get federal housing funding directly from the U.
As per Delaware Chief Paula Pechonick, The Delaware Tribe is pleased to accomplish another step toward self-determination as a federally recognized tribe.
According to Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr, It is a good day for both the Cherokee Nation and the Delaware Tribe because this new agreement allows our Delaware brothers and sisters to return to the table and negotiate and deal with the federal government directly.
He looks at the wars between the US and the Shawnee, Miami, and Delaware tribes in the Ohio Valley; the Creek in Alabama; the Arikara in South Dakota; the Sauk and Fox in Illinois and Wisconsin; the Dakota Sioux in Minnesota; the Cheyenne and Arapaho in Colorado; the Apache in New Mexico and Arizona; and the Nez Perce in Oregon and Idaho.

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