cold cut

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cold cut, cold cutter

A cold chisel mounted on a handle like a hammer; struck with a maul.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-November 29, 2017-Hormel Foods Closes USD 850m Acquisition of Deli Meats Producer Columbus Manufacturing
Deli meat and cheese are still important pillars of the department.
Many shoppers aren't big fans of zipper packs," he says, pointing out that zippers often leave consumers having to awkwardly stuff the deli meat back into the bag, and the bag is susceptible to tearing.
The 61,000-square-foot Forbes facility in South San Francisco houses the company's salami and deli meat manufacturing operation and is capable of producing up to 40 different salami varieties.
Hot dogs and deli meat may have low HCA levels because they are manufactured at low temperatures," Smith said.
Deli meat was served for either lunch or dinner on the first day of each of the trips on which people became ill.
monocytogenes in such deli meat products as bologna.
CDC and state and local health departments have identified the vehicle for transmission as hot dogs and possibly deli meats produced under many brand names by one manufacturer.
NYSE: HRL) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire US-based premium deli meat and salami producer Columbus Manufacturing, Inc from Chicago-based private equity firm Arbor Investments, the company said.
Though deli prepared receives a lot of buzz, deli meat still accounted for 20.
For example, merchandise artisan breads and condiments with or near private brand deli meat, and offer sandwich and deli tray ideas and recipes online and in-store," Spieckerman says.