Delian problem

Delian problem:

see geometric problems of antiquitygeometric problems of antiquity,
three famous problems involving elementary geometric constructions with straight edge and compass, conjectured by the ancient Greeks to be impossible but not proved to be so until modern times.
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Delian Problem


the problem of the duplication of the cube (fifth century B.C.). The problem consists in constructing, using a compass and a ruler, a cube, the volume of which is twice the volume of the given cube. The name of the problem is connected with a legend, according to which the inhabitants of Delos, in order to escape the plague, had to execute the Delphic oracle’s command of doubling the volume of the altar without changing its cubic form.

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Neville de Mestre focuses on the Delian Problem, and investigates using two modes, logic and geometry, to solve this particular problem.
Ancient puzzles, such as the Delian problem of how to double the volume of a cube, were tough for one reason: The ancients did not have the knowledge needed to figure out the solution.
This is an opportunity for your students to put down their calculators, and to try and solve the Delian problem using logic.