Deliberate Fire

deliberate fire

[də′lib·rət ′fīr]
Fire which is conducted at a rate intentionally less than the normal rate of fire for the purpose of applying adjustment corrections between each round or salvo, for tactical reasons, or for conserving ammunition.
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Deliberate Fire


a type of artillery fire used to keep a target (object) neutralized and exhaust the enemy.

Deliberate fire is conducted from artillery guns and mortars between concentrations of fire and independently. In deliberate fire there are a set number of shells (mines, cartridges) to be fired per weapon and a set rate of fire (intervals between shots), which is much slower than for concentration of fire.

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One deliberate fire in the neighbourhood was classed as "more serious".
"However, we would warn anyone that starting a deliberate fire is an offence and if anyone is found responsible they will be prosecuted.
"Please talk to your children about deliberate fire setting, and ensure you know where your children are this evening, for their safety as well as others." They then wrote another message after emergency services were caught up in a second incident in the area.
The Watch Commander at Foleshill Fire Station said: "We attended a deliberate fire in Longfield House yesterday evening.
Watch Commander Glenn Mallabone at Foleshill Fire Station said: "We attended a deliberate fire in Longfield House yesterday evening.
The projectiles fired at Israel from Syria "was not spillover, it was deliberate fire at Hezbollah's initiative," he told fellow lawmakers at a party event.
He added that deliberate fire cases require reading and analysis in order to identify the causes that led to the crime.
The new web site hopes to provide stakeholders such as the police, the fire service and local councils with the latest developments, advice and news on deliberate fire setting.
The Gateshead fire cadets, who are aged between 13 and 17, were being trained in Saltwell Park when a group of youths started a deliberate fire.
He said: "All areas have problems with deliberate fire setting, and we have seen a positive reduction over the last three years.
A spokesperson for the fire service said: "Since 2015 we have seen a 50 per cent reduction in the number of deliberate small fires across Warwickshire, but any deliberate fire is still one too many.
We would urge members of the public if they have any information on deliberate fire setting they can contact CrimeStoppers Wales on 0800 555 111."