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1. Archaic a person who fails in an obligation or duty
2. guilty of an offence or misdeed, esp one of a minor nature
3. failing in or neglectful of duty or obligation
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in British and American law, a person who has not fulfilled an obligation imposed on him by law or contract; a person who has committed a violation or who has perpetrated a crime. The above meanings are the sources of the terms “delinquency” (a violation or crime) and “delinquent” (nonperformance of an obligation; for example, a tax not paid on time). In British legislation and in administrative-judicial practice, delinquents are minors whose behavior makes necessary the application of various measures of corrective influence provided by the criminal law or special legislation on youth, such as placement in correctional training institutions.


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Councilor Raymond S, Arguelles, Ways and Means Committee chairman and author of the amnesty ordinance, said the delinquents owed the city government over P1.3 billion in back accounts.
A list is published twice a year and since its inception in October 2007, the FTB has collected more than $798 million from delinquent taxpayers.
In my book "Bullying and Violence in South Korea: From home to school and beyond" I sought to understand South Korea's juvenile delinquents. The book was conceived during the last public uproar over violent teens following a spate of bully-suicide cases between 2011-2013.The public perception was that violence in schools had become more "rampant," was occurring earlier, and cruel and 'cold-blooded' students had become more "organized" (like gangsters).
From October 2015 to June 2016, the city government offered amnesty to delinquent realty taxpayers, resulting in the collection of P1 billion.
Self Reported Delinquency Scale (SRDS) (Naqvi and Kamal, 2007) was used to measure delinquent tendencies among adolescents.
Studies in this regard suggest that delinquents lack empathic responses to those around them .
There have been few direct tests of Moffit's (1993) hypothesis regarding lower verbal intelligence in early onset delinquents. Taylor, Iacono, and McGue (2000) reported lower verbal intelligence in a sample of early onset delinquents, when compared to the later onset delinquency group and a non-delinquent control group.
Juvenile delinquents are widely studied, as there is greater accessibility to them (Ames et al., 1995).
According to the Korea Federation of Banks (KFB), the number of credit delinquents had declined to approximately 3.66 million by the end of September 2004, down 23,519 or 0.64 percent from the end of the previous month.
A study of some 300 Pittsburgh students, led by Needleman and published in the 7 February 1996 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, first revealed that adolescent boys with elevated lead levels were more likely to engage in acts of bullying, vandalism, arson, shoplifting, and other delinquent behaviors, according to self and parental reports.
The studies found that many victims were prone to engage in illegal activities, associate with delinquent peers, victimize other delinquents, and avoid legal recourse in resolving conflicts.
What role did the police, in particular, play in the process of regulating and adjudicating juvenile delinquents?