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Device Association Framework

Windows system software, starting with Windows 8, that interfaces with networked devices. For example, DAFUPnP is a Device Association Framework (DAF) for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which is used to stream media across the network. It is implemented as the DAFUPNP.DLL in the Windows system folder.

Not Quite User Friendly
This message should say "Allow nearby devices to access your device?"

Hardly Any Better
How about "Allow Windows to access your device?" See FDSSDP.
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The new rules being namely DAP (delivered at place), DAT (delivered at terminal) and DDP (delivered duty paid) will seamlessly replace DEQ (delivered ex quay), DAF (delivered at frontier), DES (delivered ex-ship) and DDU (delivered duty unpaid).
They replace Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), Delivered Ex-Ship (DES), Delivered at Frontier (DAF) and Delivered Ex-Quay (DEQ).
Terms like DAF (delivered at frontier) or FCA (free carrier), among others, ensure that delivery of the freight takes place on the U.S.