Delo Naroda

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Delo Naroda


(The People’s Cause), a daily political and literary newspaper, the central organ of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, published in Petrograd beginning Mar. 15 (28), 1917. The editor was V. V. Sukhomlin; contributors included N. D. Avksent’ev, A. R. Gots, A. F. Kerensky, and V. M. Chernov. It called for the toiling masses to reach agreement with the bourgeoisie and pomeshchiki (landlords), continue the imperialist war, and support the bourgeois Provisional Government. It sharply opposed the Bolshevik Party. It greeted the Great October Revolution with extreme hostility, calling for armed resistance to the revolutionary forces. On Jan. 14 (27), 1918, it was shut down by the Soviet government for anti-Soviet agitation. For a while, publication continued under different names; then (from March to June 1918), it was again published as Delo Naroda. In October 1918 four issues were published in Samara, which had been captured by White Guard and Socialist Revolutionary rebels. In March 1919 ten more issues were published in Moscow, the last on March 30.


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