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Two weeks after Delors spoke, Margaret Thatcher delivered her Bruges speech, in which she denounced this "socialist" vision.
Por esse objetivo, convencionamos o corpus restrito a tres documentos que abordam aspectos do humanismo em seus textos--Educacao: um tesouro a descobrir, tambem intitulado Relatorio Delors (Delors, 1997), Repensar a educacao: rumo a um bem comum mundial?
While Mitterrand worried mainly about the balance of power, Delors, both as Mitterrand's finance minister and later as EC president, worried about the changing nature of the global economy.
But those rules were steadily weakened, and by the early 2000s were widely derided (including by Romano Prodi, Delors' successor as President of the European Commission), as governments found that they could run large deficits without paying higher market interest rates.
In this time he has advised European Commission Presidents Delors and Santer, been a member of Sir Leon Brittan's Cabinet and since the end of the 1990's has been at the forefront of the drive to integrate the European Union's financial services and capital markets.
But the single currency's architect, former European Commission president Jacques Delors, fears it may be too late.
Jacques Delors, 86, former President of the European Commission, suggested that "a fault in execution" had doomed the euro to its present crisis, it emerged yesterday.
The chance of its survival was dealt yet another blow on Saturday when Jacques Delors, the architect of the very project, made it clear in no uncertain terms that it was doomed from the start anyway, in an interview with a British newspaper.
Sanctioned by the President of the Commission Jacques Delors, it brought about the European Union and led to a new currency, the euro.
Twenty-one years have elapsed since the presentation of the Delors Report in April 1989 and 11 years since the establishment of the European Monetary Union (FMU) on 1 January 1999.
Republic of Mali, and Jacques Delors, former president of the European