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Delray Beach,

resort city (1990 pop. 47,181), Palm Beach co., SE Fla., on the Atlantic coast; settled 1895, inc. 1911. Mostly residential, Delray Beach is also the trade center for a citrus-fruit and vegetable-growing region. The city's vast flower farms are noted for chrysanthemums and gladiolas. Delray Beach has undergone significant suburban economic development and has a large retirement community. The city's population more than doubled from 1970 to 1990.
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The City of Delray Beach is seeking competitive bids for the purchase of sixty (60) used gasoline golf carts to be used at the Lakeview Golf Course, 1200 Dover Road, Delray Beach, Florida, 33445.
Francorp Client, Sloan's Ice Cream, recently opened their first franchise location in Delray Beach, Florida under the direction of David and Debra Olmo.
Better For You Foods, based in Delray Beach, Florida, produces frozen pizzas that are free from artificial preservatives.
After his retirement in 1974 he and his wife lived on Cape Cod and Delray Beach, Florida before moving to Worcester in 2003.
Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Diablo Sport's forum has over 45,000 active members and their tech support system has received many positive reviews, thus solidifying their reputation as the greatest source of information for auto-tuning.
InZon is based in Delray Beach, Florida and has no operations at present.
After he retired he wintered in Delray Beach, Florida.
The City of Delray Beach, Florida ( City ) is soliciting proposals from qualified companies to provide the expertise necessary to furnish, install and service a Vehicle Fleet GPS System and Equipment.
Being a renowned Licensed Dermatologist practicing dermatology, Liposculpture, Belotero, and other highly sought after cosmetic surgery procedures in Delray Beach, Florida, Dr.
Zecco, 70, a 51-year resident of Northborough and Delray Beach, Florida, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, March 27th in the Bethesda Memorial Hospital, Boynton Beach, Florida.
The City of Delray Beach, Florida ( City ) is soliciting proposals from qualified companies that wish to collect the solid waste and recyclable materials generated in the City.
In addition, Spicy also announced that it has relocated its headquarters to Delray Beach, Florida, at 4731 W.