Delta Plan

Delta Plan,

flood control and reclamation project, S Netherlands, in the Rhine River delta. Built in 1957–81, it involved construction of four major dikes (up to 131 ft/40 m high) across the Rhine's four estuaries on the North Sea, three auxiliary dams, and a storm-tide barrage 38 ft (11.5 m) high and 262 ft (80 m) wide across the IJssel River. The project shortened the Dutch coastline by c.440 mi (700 km), reclaimed 6,100 acres (15,000 hectares), and created a freshwater lake (33 sq mi/85 sq km). Two navigable waterways to Antwerp and to Rotterdam and Europoort were left open.
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Planning Division Secretary Md Nurul Amin made a power-point presentation on the occasion on the formation and operations of the Planning Commission while General Economics Division (GED) member of the Planning Commission Dr Shamsul Alam made another power-point presentation on the country's Five-Year Plan, Perspective Plan 2021 and 2041 and Delta Plan.
I would also suggest developing and implementing NAP as per the NAP Roadmap prepared in 2015, and it should be a high priority along with revisiting Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.
The High Commissioner highlighted Bangladesh's developmental perspectives under Vision 2021, Vision 2041 and Delta Plan 2100 towards ensuring a developed future for generations to come.
Taking assistance from 12 development partners, the government has initiated a 100-year exemplary plan titled 'Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100' for coordinated water resources management, Hasina said adding, "Under the plan availability of water, its uses and ecological issues have been brought under consideration." Besides, she said, Bangladesh has been divided into six divisions under the plan considering the geological diversity and water features where plane land, hill and coastal areas are designed in different plans.
The partnership will help to develop and implement the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, a long term and holistic vision for the Bangladesh Delta, and help to realize Bangladesh's goal of becoming a middle-income country by 2021, while maintaining the unique biodiversity and physical characteristics of the delta.
A massive civil engineering project called the Delta Plan was implemented in which country?
The other eight cities in the Pearl River Delta plan will mean that the new unit will have a total of 42 million inhabitants.
The DSC, created by the California Legislature last November, is charged with preparing and adopting a Delta Plan by 2012, to guide state and local actions in the Delta.
Japan Airlines to keep alliance with American, drop Delta plan
If all major proposed new projects, i.e., South Delta Plan, Kern Water Bank, Los Banos Grandes Reservoir, were operational, demand could be met 70% of the time.
BHP and Delta plan to mine to a depth of between 100 and 550 metres over a 50-sq-km area, with several decline shafts.