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Founded in 1976 as the Data Entry Management Association, it later changed its name to the Association for Input Technology and Management. In 1993, it merged with TAWPI.
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a river in the Bashkir ASSR and partly in Orenburg Oblast, RSFSR. It empties from the left into the Belaia River (of the Kama River basin) at the city of Ufa. The Dema is 535 km long and drains an area of 12,800 sq km. It originates on the northern slopes of the Obshchii Syrt. Its valley is wide and its course, winding. In its lower reaches there are numerous channels and oxbow lakes. The mean annual flow rate at the mouth is 35 cubic meters per second. The city of Davlekanovo is located on the river.

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However, Dema said every household now wants get into mushroom cultivation.
Robinson said the acquisition of Dema Service will strengthen its existing footprint in Italy, one of the largest road transportation markets in Europe.
Speaking more on the book, Gracious said Gole Dema is an iKalanga inspired folktale that unveils the magic and nostalgia of African storytelling and it is targeted mostly to children aged 10 upwards.
He continued, "We are eager to grow our business with Dema SpA and we will look to explore other opportunities that align with our strategy."
From the Melanesians he learned to accept the role of traditional healers, ancestors, and the special knowledge of women; the death of Christ could be interpreted as a version of the Dema story.
Diante desse contexto, o presente artigoapresenta e discute o Fundo Dema, no ambito do Fundo Amazonia, com vistas a identificar os desafios e assinalar oportunidades deste projeto.A intencao e que as apreciacoes aqui enfatizadas possam contribuir com avancos no projeto, evidenciando pontos que possam ser melhor explorados pelos agentes responsaveis, alem de aspectos que possam apresentar-se como prejudiciais ao desempenho do Fundo Dema.
For a very moving tribute, "Memories of Vince Dema: Recollection of a Well-Known and Well-Loved Giant within the Circulation Industry," by Bonnier's Robert Cohn, go to
This person, in the anthropological literature, is called dema.
Asi, si hasta no hace mucho se aceptaba el supuesto humanista de la diferencia cualitativa entre los humanos y los demas animales, se va extendiendo cada vez mas la pretension de que la especie humana tiene que diluirse entre las demas que componen la biosfera, por lo que se urge a desbancar a los humanos del pedestal de superioridad en que se habian colocado.