Demetrius, Lucia

Demetrius, Lucia


Born Sept. 29, 1910, in Bucharest. Rumanian writer.

Demetrius began to publish her works during the 1930’s, and after the country’s liberation from fascism (1944) she became one of the leading playwrights. Her dramas (The Scales, 1949; The New Crossing, 1951; People of Today, 1952; People of Tomorrow, 1956; The Family Tree, 1957; Vlaicu and His Sons, 1959; and The Nightingales Are Singing, 1961) are based on an acute social conflict that reveals the transformation of people’s way of thinking and the breakup of interlations between people that occur in the process of the struggle for a new, socialist order. Demetrius is the author of the novel Spring in Tirnava (1960), which describes collectivization in the countryside, and collections of short stories including Promises (1964) and A Strange Journey (1965).


In Russian translation:
Rodoslovnoe derevo. In Sovremennye rumynskie p’esy. Moscow, 1959.
Duel’ i drugie rasskazy. Moscow, 1962.


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