Democracy and Socialist Party Front

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Democracy and Socialist Party Front


(DSUF; Frontul Democraƫici şi Unitâƫii Socialiste), a political organization in Rumania that unites the Rumanian Communist Party and mass public and trade union organizations around a program aimed at building socialism, developing the national economy, strengthening the Rumanian state, and carrying out Rumania’s foreign policy. The DSUF was founded in November 1968 as the Socialist Unity Front to replace the People’s Democracy Front, which had been established in February 1948. It was named the Democracy and Socialist Unity Front at the 2nd Congress (January 17–18, 1980).

Bodies existing within the framework of the DSUF include councils formed in 1968 by German and Hungarian working people who live in Rumania and by Serbian and Ukrainian working people. Voluntary district, municipality, city, and commune bodies of the DSUF have been established. The directing bodies of the DSUF are the National Council and the Executive Bureau.

N. Ceausescu is chairman of the National Council. The press organ of the DSUF is the newspaper România Liberă.

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